Monday, September 27, 2010

A Lion Called Christian - A True Story

My brother recommended me to read this book last week because he knows that I am an animal lover and would surely be impressed by the book. I finished up the book within a few hours and do highly recommend to all people who are like me, an animal lover. Though Mandy is an animal lover herself, but books and her just don't click that well. She end up snoring after the first paragraph. Duh!

The book I am talking about here is:

Book Description
As Ace and John, two friends, are searching for holiday gifts in London, they come across a lion cub for sale in Harrods, the famous department store! Unable to bear the thought of leaving the cub, Ace and John take him home and name him Christian. After a year of fun and mischief Christian has grown up, and Ace and John realize that their pet needs to be among other lions and deserves to live free, in his natural environment. Luckily, friends help introduce Christian to the African wild.

Christian the Lion tells the riveting true story of one animal’s ability to adapt to life in the wild, and captures the unexpectedly enduring connection between man and animal.

Here are some pictures of Christian, the lion during his days with Ace & John:

Last but not least...a very touching video clip from Youtube showing none other than Christian The Lion himself and his reunion with Ace & John.


George8724 said...

yeah i watched it from youtube and its si beh touching le......

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